: BIO :


M.E. Manning played the first guitar she ever saw at the age of five, and never wanted to let it go. Her diverse and unique music can be heard on feature & short films, and programs seen around the globe. M.E. has hundreds of pieces in many different styles; from a haunting vox leading you down a forbidden road in Congo, to a joyous guitar on a roadtrip across the U.S.


M.E. has worked with talents including Todd Rundgren, Bill Moyers, Alex Gibney and FinaLOutlaW. Highlighted credits include: Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead; A Sinner In Mecca; [re]Production; Client 9: The Rise and Fall of Eliot Spitzer; UJA Federation Films, and Moyers on America. She continues to be the lead composer for Human Rights Watch Documentary Unit, and has earned a Peabody Award in one of their collaborative films. M.E. also writes for various production companies scoring and composing for cable & network series and shows around the world. She is a producer and a multi-instrumentalist. M.E. is also a songwriter, and Billboard & SGA Songwriter Circle award-winner.

When not performing in various collaborations, or working in the studio, M.E. can sometimes be found creating graphic design & typography creations for pro bono organizations. She loves cooking Chinese food, and has perfect pitch :) . M.E. is based in the great New York City.